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Wing Shop-designed wings are available from DJ Engineering in a variety of configurations to suit many applications. Spans up to 2100mm width (not including end plates or end plate extensions) can be catered for. Single-, dual- or multi-element wings are available. Because of the wide range of applications most wings are manufactured to your custom requirements.

Construction is in pre-preg carbon fibre pre-preg with an internal stiffening sub-structure offering an unrivalled blend of aerodynamic performance, stiffness and strength, low weight, high damage tolerance and superb appearance and finish.

Why choose our wings?
Our wings are designed specifically for motorsport applications, they are not based on aeronautical profiles. Thus, we can provide higher levels of downforce, and hence grip, than wings based on aircraft designs. But we also offer high levels of efficiency, as determined by downforce divided by drag.

The wings are manufactured to the very highest standards using pre-preg carbon fibre throughout, and attach via CNC machined customisable mounting systems. End fittings are also CNC machined in aluminium alloy.

They have been chosen by high profile clients around the world including Lotus Motorsport, Prodrive, RLR MSport, Juno and Matech and by many more teams and individuals pretty much wherever motorsport takes place!

They are available in a range of spans and configurations so that we will be able to provide a set up to suit the power and the application of your car.

And, as well as helping you to select the best wing from our range for your application, if required Simon McBeath can be available to assist with your car's whole aerodynamic package.

Wing data
Sample aerodynamic plots illustrating the range of performance available can be found on the wing data page.

We will help you select the correct wing for your car and application. And if required we will help you optimise your car's overall aerodynamic package, part of our tech support so you get the best out of our wings!

See Advice and FAQs for more on this.

Front wings are available as either single piece with central brackets to attach to your drop plates, or two piece, to butt either side of a narrow nosecone on a tube-mount.

Rear wings can be supplied with brackets to attach to your gearbox- or chassis-mounted plates or tubes, or with end-plate mounting.

End plates to order at extra cost, dependent on requirements.

Set-up data will be available, if required, with your wings at time of delivery/collection.

Flaps and end plates available separately - please enquire.

Our pre-preg carbon composite aerofoils feature a market leading blend of strength, rigidity, lightness, damage-tolerance and aerodynamic performance, and as such offer excellent value for money. They also look great! And we'll help you with your car's overall aerodynamic set up if you buy wings from us. So why shop anywhere else?

For prices, sales and manufacturing enquiries, please see the Contacts pages and speak to DJ Engineering. Simon McBeath can also help with advice on wing selection and deployment, and if required can also advise on your 'whole car' aerodynamics package to help you maximise the gains you get from our wings! Please note, this option is only available to DJ wing customers once a payment has been made on a wing package.




The Wing Shop, DJ Engineering, example front wing

DJ Engineering-manufactured front wing assembly



The Wing Shop, DJ Engineering, example rear wing

DJ Engineering-manufactured rear wing assembly



The Wing Shop, DJ Engineering, 183 dual element wing

DJ Engineering-manufactured '183' dual element wing



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