A selection of competition vehicles I've been lucky enough to have experienced

A combination of writing for motorsport magazines and also being a competitor brought about a great many opportunities to drive other people's competiton cars, sometimes for magazine features, other times just for the hell of it, and I thank all the owners for their trust in allowing me to do so. On one occasion I was passenger, and in that instance I had to trust the 'driver' but he was a multiple World Champion!

Steve Webster, Boziger
Passenger with Steve Webster, MBE

F2 rally Golf, SBG Sport, VW Motorsport UK
Piloting an F2 rally Golf for a couple of features

DJ Firecat sports racer
The DJ Firecat

Paul Stewart Racing Reynard 903, F3
Ex-Paul Stewart Racing Reynard 903, probably the nicest car to drive I ever experienced

SBD Jade Vauxhall
The SBD Vauxhall powered Jade sports racer

Pilbeam MP58 DFL V8

Pilbeam MP58 DFL V8, my first experience of 'F1' power'. Need more, gimme gimme!

Mallock Mk20B

The Mallock Mk20B of Martin Groves, who later became a multiple British Hillclimb Champion


Hillclimb Mini
Hillclimb Mini

Pilbeam MP72-Judd V8
Pilbeam MP72 Judd V8 - a delight to drive

HiTech 1100
The HiTech Suzuki of my late and much-missed friend Rob Barksfield

GouldGR37 DFR
Gould GR37 DFR V8

GouldGR37 Judd V8
Gould GR37 Judd V8

Pilbeam MP54 Hart
The Pilbeam MP54 Hart I shared with my brother Andy for some very successful years together

Opel Manta
2 litre Opel Manta hillclimber

DJ Firehawk
DJ Firehawk

Force HC
Force HC Suzuki

Westfield V8
Westfield V8

Many thanks to the photographers for use of their work..... Marcel Bieri, John Colley, Paul Harmer, Norman Hodson, Tracey Inglis and Jerry Sturman. All photo's copyright and not for reproduction without the photographer's permission.








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