Hillclimb competition

A successful hillclimb competitor from 1979 to 2003, sharing cars for many years with his brother Andy and subsequently those of quite a number of equally trusting friends, Simon clambered back into the cockpit again in 2015 in his recently acquired Swift SC92F Kent-engined Formula Ford single seater. With a Pre-1994 Formula Ford Kent engined class having recently been introduced at his local hillclimb, Gurston Down, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, the long-suppressed urge to compete again could be unleashed once more. Despite a slightly late start to the season, missing the first round of the Gurston Championship, Simon went on to take two wins and three second places from six events entered and he won the class in the Gurston Championship, fittingly sponsored by his new publisher Veloce Publishing.

Simon had worked until the end of 2015 as one of the MSA-approved Instructors at the Gurston Hillclimb Drivers’ School. "I hope my experience in speed hillclimbs all over the UK mainland helped me to help newcomers and experienced hillclimb competitors alike to enjoy their sport even more. Gurston Down has been my local (and favourite) venue throughout my hillclimbing career, and I held the class record for up to 2 litre single seat racing cars for several years. I have also driven a wide variety of cars in most categories from Minis to unlimited capacity single seaters up the hill.'

More competition is planned in the Swift.


Simon McBeath Pilbeam MP54

The Pilbeam MP54 rebuilt and shared with brother Andy for many enjoyable years

Simon McBeath DJ Firehawk

Aboard the first DJ Firehawk

Simon McBeath Swift SC92F

On the way to his first (and probably only...) championship win! 'The Swift is great fun to drive.'

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