SM AeRoTechniques

SM AeRoTechniques

SM AeRo Techniques (SMART) is an aerodynamics advisory service provided by Simon McBeath, author of Competition Car Aerodynamics (see Books) and Aerobytes in Racecar Engineering magazine (see Magazines). If you want to join the growing band of competitors who have found extra competitiveness by using this value for money service, please read on...

A basic CFD service is also available.

For more information on wings please visit The Wing Shop page.

Aerodynamics Advisory Service
SM Aero Techniques provides a range of aerodynamics advisory services up to and including surveying the external and internal details of your whole competition car, and providing a detailed report containing recommendations on ways of improving the car's aerodynamics. But other options are available, as outlined below.

Want to get more competitive by improving your racecar's aerodynamics? Then get in touch with Simon McBeath to discuss the possibilities. A range of services is available to suit your budget, but in essence SMART's services are tailored for and aimed at amateur and semi-pro level competitors.

The popular 'remote survey package' involves producing a comprehensive, detailed report of recommendations specific to your car from photos and drawings supplied via the wonders of email, and is available for the one-off fee of just £595.00 (from June 2018). Discounts available to DJ Engineering wing customers.

A reasonable amount of phone and/or email follow up support is included to assist with the implementation of concepts and designs.

This option has proven highly popular with competitors in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand ans SE Asia, and without exception has generated positive feedback as well as that all important improvement in performance!

If you have just a few queries about a specific aspect of your competition car's aerodynamics then these can be addressed, and charges will relate to the time spent providing answers and an amount of inevitable follow up discussion. This option is becoming increasingly popular on a pre-payment Pay As You Go basis, where clients make a payment (usually by internet bank transfer) and this puts so many hours 'on the meter' to answer those queries. Please ask for further details.

Other support options are also available according to requirements and location, including site visits, design assistance etc. on an hourly, daily or contract rate basis as required.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Initial discussions are free, and will focus on what you want to achieve and what can be delivered in response, and will determine the likely extent of your project. Quotations as well as terms and conditions will be provided at that stage so you can decide how you wish to proceed.

On the right are some photos of clients' racecars that have benefitted from the SMART advisory service.

LMP wing project
SM Aerotechniques helped 'Mulsannes Corner' with a short CFD investigation of the 2009 ACO rear wing regulations for Le Mans LMP1 prototypes.  The CFD anaylsis looked at the rear wing regulations changes introduced in 2009 and their effects as well as the introduction of the 'swan neck' rear wing mounts. Racecar Engineering's January 2012 issue featured the findings. See 'Mulsanne Mike' Fuller's excellent online article by clicking here. Subscriptions to Racecar Engineering can be taken out online at Back issues can also be purchased from the publisher if you miss any.

CFD service provision is usually thought of as a very expensive option, but SM Aero Techniques can now offer value for money CFD services on projects such as wing evaluations in isolation in 'freestream air' and also on generic 'reduced detail' racecar models. Currently GT, sports racer and single seater models are available to put your wings to the test in a more realistic environment than 'freestream'. More models will become available in time, according to demand.

Ansys CFD-Flo, part of the ANSYS Workbench suite, is now being used, offering potent levels of mesh control and 'boundary layer inflation', a robust solver and good post-processing tools enabling force calculations on individual components as well as a range of illuminating flow visualisation techniques.

The type of projects this service enables includes: general profile optimisation; wing location optimisation (where technical regulations permit) and wing angle mapping in a realistic working environment; wing profile comparisons; wing profile 'twist' optimisation to achieve better downforce, better -L/D or whatever key target is required.

This is not a service that will enable full car analysis at the 'micro aerodynamics' level, like perhaps we might think happens in Formula 1 or other top level categories - the hardware available falls short of what's required for that. But at a 'macro aerodynamics' level, extremely useful indications of the sorts of parameters mentioned in the previous paragraph can be obtained. So if you think this might help your project, please get in touch for a preliminary discussion.



Peter Rikli, ETC Honda
Peter Rikli, Honda Civic, runner up 2012 FIA European Touring Car Cup, Super 2000








The DJ Firestorm UK hillclimber in the MIRA full-scale wind tunnel

Paragon Porsche 997 ALMS GT2

Paragon Porsche 997 GT2

HDT Racing Porsche 911

HDT Racing's race winning Porsche 911

Steve Hartley, Arrows, FIA Historic F1

Mirage Engineering Arrows A6, Historic F1, Steve Hartley, 2006 & 2007 FIA Historic F1 World Champion

ADR two seater sports racer

The ADR 3 sports racer in the MIRA wind tunnel



Please note: many successful projects have been done without a wind tunnel. But it's very helpful if it's available!




LMP1 wing study, CFD

Racecar Engineering







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