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For advice on selecting the best wing configurations to buy from us please contact Simon McBeath:
Email: info @ wingshop.co.uk

To enquire about a possible CFD project please email:
info @ sm-aerotechniques.co.uk

(As a spam avoidance measure these email addresses are not direct links so please cut and paste them into your email program's 'To' box and also delete the spaces either side of the '@' symbol. Thank you for your understanding.)

For sales, production and general enquiries on wings please contact the following:

DJ Engineering & DJ Composites at
E-mail: del @ djracecars.com or
sales @ djcomposites.co.uk (as above, please cut and paste these addresses into your email 'To' box and delete the spaces either side of the '@' symbol.)

Phone : (+44) (0)1298 938088




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DJ Engineering, The Wing Shop


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